Fitness Girl Cooking Apron

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Cooking can get a bit messy for some – especially if the prep work demands effort. Your clothes may get stained in the process, which is not good – just imagine if the stain doesn’t get removed easily. That’s where the use of an apron comes in handy!

Now, this apron doesn’t only protect your clothes from getting stained, but it brings about a fun and novel look to your style – ideal for almost any cooking activity that you have!

Here are the fun features of our unique product:

  • Sports a sexy cartoonized gym body of a girl – a unique design that’s sure to give you a fun and naughty look. Spice up your cooking experience like never before!
  • Made from high-quality twill fabric that’s not only soft and comfy to wear, but also durable enough to withstand accidental tearing. Offers maximum protection and comfort!
  • Has fully adjustable neck and waist belts that you can easily affix in no time – keep it tight or a little loose and suit it according to your desired fit!
  • You can use it for barbecues, grill parties or simple home cooking – whatever the purpose, this cool sexy apron has you covered!

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Product Details

  • Material: Twill Fabric
  • Product Size: 56 x 74 cm / 22 x 29 in
  • Waist Belt: 45 cm / 17.7 in each
  • Neck Belt: 56 cm / 22 in
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