Waterproof Gardening Gloves with Claws


Doing garden work can take a lot of effort – and it’s always a nasty task, having to deal with the grass, soil, rocks and who knows when you’ll dig a couple of squirming worms.

Gardening doesn’t always have to be like this – you can get through the grueling task by enlisting the help of these wonderful gardening gloves, which are designed to help ease your hands-on duty of tending to your beloved plants and the garden itself!

Here are a couple of features that our unique gardening gloves offer:

  • Protects your hands from bacteria, accidental cuts, scrapes and punctures that you can get when you dig and prepare the soil for planting!
  • Equipped with 4 claws on the right-hand glove – makes its easier for you when you need to pick the plants or the garden grass. Also helps when you need to dig into the soil!
  • Has a high-quality linen surface that promotes friction – gives you a better grip on your gardening tools and more!
  • Keeps your hands dry and free from the icky muddy feeling, as these gloves also sport a water-resistant feature!

Make it easier for you to do your garden work by getting these waterproof gardening gloves with claws today!


Product Details

  • Material: ABS, Latex
  • Product Size: 23 x 13.5 x 0.4 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.072 kg
  • Package Contents: 2 Clawed Gardening Gloves
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