How do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass?

Do you have a lovely garden that you love to chill in, but you’re tired of your chairs sinking in the grass? If so, then you’re not alone. This is an issue that many people face.

Preventing garden chairs from sinking in grass can be done in a multitude of ways. You can always go the DIY way and add plastic coasters or pavers under your chair’s legs. There is even an expensive solution, as you can buy anti-sink chair legs or chairs with curved legs.

In this article, you’ll get to know the different methods for how do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass. Continue reading to know more.

Garden chairs sinking in the grass?

Garden chairs are one of the most essential parts of your garden, especially during the summer. There are many different types of garden chairs that add to the beauty and overall look of your garden. However, the problem with most of these chairs is that they often end up sinking into the grass. Not only will it mess up your grass, but it’ll also make the person sitting on the chair feel uncomfortable.

For many people with gardens and properly maintained yards, their biggest issues aren’t bugs, pests, or pets. In fact, the most damage will be caused by the garden chairs that they’re using. So, how do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass and ruining the well-maintained yard? Continue reading to find out.

How do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass? 

Here are some tried-and-tested DIY solutions that you can use to prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass.

Cut an X into tennis balls

This is easily one of the easiest and most practical solutions for preventing chairs from sinking in grass. All you’ll have to do is cut an X into the tennis balls and slide them over the chair’s legs. They will help prevent the chair from sinking into your well-maintained yard.

The main purpose of this method is to give your chair legs the needed friction. However, there is one drawback to this method. You will need a lot of tennis balls for fitting in all of the chairs. The good thing is that you can keep using them over and over again.

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Make use of pavers 

Another useful, low-solution for this issue would be to use pavers. All you have to do is drop pavers under each leg and the chair will not sink in the grass. Similar to the previous method, this one will also increase the friction on the chair’s legs. This will make the chair legs far more stable while preventing them from sinking into the grass. 

Use empty soda cans

Other than tennis balls and pavers, you can even use empty soda cans for preventing chairs from sinking in grass. The key idea here is that adding empty cans to the bottom of the chair’s legs will distribute the weight. This will stop your garden chair from sinking into the grass.

You can simply cut off the bottom part of the cans and fill them with dirt or sand. Then, shove those cans under each leg of the chair to get a more stable and secure footing. Make sure that you remove the cans and replace the dirt/sand from time to time.

Soda cans might be a decent DIY solution, they don’t look very visually pleasing. However, they will certainly get the job done.

Plastic coasters 

If you’re looking for a solution that looks better visually then plastic coasters would be a great alternative. For using plastic coasters, all you have to do is place one under each leg. By doing this, you will effectively stop your garden chair from sinking into the grass. This happens as the coaster will prevent the chair from sinking by increasing the surface area of each chair leg. These will come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. You will have the option to choose the ones that you feel suit your chairs and gardens’ look the best. Moreover, they’re easily affordable and reusable.

If you don’t mind paying a bit of money, then there are a few other ways that you can prevent garden chairs from sinking in the grass. This will cost you big bucks, but it’ll be a great fix for the long term.

Anti-sink chair feet

The anti-sink chair feet are a popular solution for stopping garden chairs from sinking in the grass. They’re made using plastic or rubber, and they look like little cups, sitting at the bottom of the chair’s legs. You’ll often see them in outdoor seating areas like restaurants. One great bit about investing in anti-sink chair feet is that you wouldn’t require screws to install. You can simply snap them onto each chair leg and then tighten them.

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How do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass

Invest in chairs that have curved legs

In case you have chairs that have curved legs, then it’ll eliminate the need for adding anything under them. The curved design of the legs will make them almost impossible to sink into the ground. The chairs that have curved legs will be suitable for every occasion. Many people prefer the look of chairs with curved legs rather than flat-footed ones. If the chairs already come with this feature, then you wouldn’t need to do anything to prevent them from sinking into the grass.

Make use of interlocking deck tiles

An expensive yet effective solution to prevent garden chairs from sinking into grass would be to use interlocking deck tiles. The interlocking tiles will mainly serve as flooring for gardens, decks, patios, and outdoor areas of homes. They will work amazingly well to prevent chairs from sinking in the grass. Moreover, it is a great choice if you’re looking for something more decorative than soda cans or tennis balls. For using them, arrange the tiles in a grid under the chairs. Interlocking will be fairly easy. You will be able to achieve an arrangement that perfectly fits the look of your garden.

If you’re using heavy garden chairs instead of using plastic chairs, the chairs will be more at risk of sinking. However, there are certain ways you can prevent heavy garden chairs from sinking in grass.

Investing in plastic grids for grass

If you’re intending on having parties in your lawn area, you might need to purchase plastic grids for the grass. Plastic grids prevent the sinking of objects like garden chairs, grills, tents, and other furniture. You will get them in different sizes depending on how big your garden is. The grids will make it easier for you to walk around without getting your shoes dirty. This makes them an incredibly popular option during outdoor barbecues.

Additionally, these grids will have spaces allowing the grass to grow through them. This will maintain the green all through. You can simply design the plastic grids such that they aren’t covering the entire garden. Instead, they should only be placed where you’ll be placing the garden chairs.

Place plywood under the garden chairs

If you don’t have enough money for purchasing tarps, simply place plywood under your garden chairs. It is a great way of ensuring they aren’t sinking into the grass. For giving a more beautiful appeal, you can purchase large pieces of plywood and then cut them into little squares. Then, you can place those squares under the legs of the chairs. This way, the majority of the garden will not be affected.

How do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass

Use a heavy-duty tarp and place your chairs on top

Using a tarp will be a great way of protecting your garden chairs from sinking into the grass. You can spread the tarp onto the ground and then place the garden furniture on top. Remember that you should stretch out the corners of the tarp before you put the chairs on top. It’ll be important to purchase a heavy-duty tarp. When the garden chairs sink into the grass, they’ll create holes in the ordinary plastic tarps.

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Alternative investments to make to prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass

If these methods aren’t enough, there are a few more investments that you can make. These investments will help you prevent your garden chairs from sinking into the grass. However, you should keep in mind that these investments will cost a decent sum

Get your garden area leveled

If you get your garden leveled, you will be able to ensure that you’re avoiding the garden chairs from sinking. Locate the portions in your garden that seem a bit lower level as compared to the rest. Marking these areas will be a helpful step for you. Once it is done, you can get dirt and gravel to fill up the lower leveled spots. This will even everything out and help avoid the chairs from sinking.

This entire thing could be a bit of work if you have a big garden. However, it’ll be significantly less work if you’re working on a small garden area. Keep in mind that if you’ve already decided where you’re putting your garden chairs, you should tackle that part first.


Another alternative would be to get a full-on patio, and it’ll be a great addition to your garden. If you have a huge garden, it’ll be possible to have a lot of grass available. This way, you’ll only need to do the work once. You can either hire a company or you can do it yourself if you’re an expert. If you have many guests over, it’ll be easier to have them over and receive them on the patio. You can make them sit on garden chairs on the patio, and it’ll prevent the grass from being affected. 

How do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass


If you don’t have to deal with these DIY solutions, you can always hire a company for a professional job. You can hire professionals to put flooring on top of the grass where you’ll be placing your garden chairs.

There are many companies out there that put rubber tiles between the grass and the flooring. This way, the grass wouldn’t get harmed, or at least it’ll be harmed to a minimal extent. This way, you’ll get a more permanent solution on how do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about how do you prevent garden chairs from sinking in grass. There are many easy ways you can prevent your garden chairs from sinking into the grass. There are many DIY methods like sliding tennis balls or empty soda cans onto the legs of the chair. You can even take the more expensive route by purchasing anti-sink chairs, heavy tarps, or even get flooring done. As long as you’re mindful of treating your garden’s grass in a decent way, the grass will be fine.

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