How to wash gardening gloves: Wash and maintain your gardening gloves for a safer use

Have you done any gardening? You would have probably been left with messy gloves and the important question of how to wash gardening gloves. If so, then you’ll get your answers here.

Washing gardening gloves is as easy as putting a pair on. You’ll need to identify your glove’s material and then wash with a specific soap and water. Then, you must follow a few maintenance tips to finish the cleaning.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about cleaning gloves, how to wash gardening gloves, how to store them after washing, and a lot more. Stick around to find out all the answers.

Can you wash your gardening gloves?

Gardening is definitely one of the most relieving and fulfilling activities that one can have. It is something that many people love doing in their spare time. You’ll find it fun, enjoyable, and at the end of the day, it’ll be very pleasing to your eyes. A pair of gardening gloves will not only make it fun, but it’ll also make gardening more fun. Gardening gloves are considered to be the handiest and most reliable gardening tools that you can use. Using gardening gloves will help you handle all the tasks in a clean and easy way.

It is possible to wash your gardening gloves to improve your user experience the next time you use them. Although cleaning up your pair of gardening gloves might need some effort, it’ll always be rewarded. You will be able to improve your productivity in the garden. Washing your gardening gloves will be very important if you wish to keep your gloves in good shape. The methods to clean your gardening gloves will differ depending on the type of gloves you’re using.

Some types of gloves can be easily cleaned in washing machines or utility sinks, while others will require special treatment. Although cleaning your gloves might require a bit of time, it is essential to do. Not only will cleaning make it better for you to use the gloves next time, but they’ll also be in a usable condition for a long time.

How to wash gardening gloves?

Getting grimy and dirty is an inevitable part of gardening, this is why you should use gardening gloves. Gloves will protect your most valuable tools – your hands. After a long day of working in your garden and taking care of plants, cleaning your gloves is necessary. There are several ways you can clean your gardening gloves after they’ve been touching mud and dirt for hours. This will depend on the type of gardening gloves you’re using. Each type of gardening gloves will require a particular level of care and a different method to wash them.

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how to wash gardening gloves: washing with water

Under normal circumstances, cleaning your dirty gardening gloves will involve washing them with soap and water. Brushing off the debris and dirt can be done by using a brush or an old toothbrush from the hardware store. Keeping your gloves clean will keep them in proper condition for a long time. When it comes to garden gloves, it is all about the fit. Keeping them clean and well-maintained will mean more control and better flexibility.

How to clean your leather gardening gloves

Leather can be quite a tricky material to handle, and for a good reason. While leather gardening gloves will require special care, it’ll all be worth it in the end. By keeping them clean and well-maintained, your gloves will get the protection and flexibility needed for a long time.

Simply brush off soil, dirt, or debris from the gloves using an old toothbrush or any brush with soft bristles. You’ll have to wash your leather gardening gloves with saddle soap. It is something that you can easily find in any home improvement store, or a hardware store. Apply the soap with a towel or a cloth. Then, gently cover the surface area in circular motions.

Once the dirt and mud have been lifted, it would be time to remove the soap. You shouldn’t submerge your leather gardening gloves in water or run the gloves under a faucet. Instead, you should get a towel or a damp cloth and gently wipe off the remaining soap. Allow the leather gloves to air dry in a clean, open area.

Remember, your work isn’t done just yet. Leather gardening gloves will require oil to maintain their softness and shape. If you don’t learn how to soften leather gloves properly, you’ll end up with hard gloves. They can end up crackling and get damaged easily. You can then make use of boot oil, linseed oil, or leather dressing for treating your gloves. Coat your gardening gloves with a decent amount of oil and then gently rub them with a dry cloth.

How to clean your rubber and latex gardening gloves

Gardening gloves made using latex and rubber are the easiest type of gloves when it comes to cleaning. This is the case as these types of gloves don’t absorb water. Gardening gloves made using latex, PVC, neoprene, or nitrile are very similar. However, you should be careful when handling these gloves if you’ve been in contact with chemicals while wearing them.

While wearing rubber or latex gloves, wash them using soap and water in a sink or with a hose. You need to avoid washing your gardening gloves with warm water otherwise, the material might deform. You can also make use of dishwashing soap for cleaning your gardening gloves. In case there are any tough stains that require your attention, simply use a brush with soft to medium bristles. Then, you should hang the gloves up for drying somewhere with free-flowing air. Rubber can end up accumulating mildew, which is why you must store them once they’ve dried down.

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How to clean your cotton and wash knit gloves

Gardening gloves are also made using softer materials like cotton, knit, and more. You may think that you can simply throw the gloves into your washing machine, and it’ll get cleaned. However, you’re wrong. Instead of throwing them in a washing machine, your cotton and wash knit gloves must be adequately cleaned.

Dirt and stain can often end up sticking to your cotton gardening gloves. This is why you should wash them once you’re done with the gardening tasks. Pre-rinse your gardening gloves under the hose for washing off any grass or caked-on dirt. Cotton gloves can be machine washed too. However, you need to use only cold water if you don’t want them to end up shrinking. Any laundry detergent will be good enough. If there are still stains and stubborn spots, you can make use of a high-quality spot remover. Lastly, hang up the gloves or lay them on in any airy place to prevent them from shrinking.

How to store your gardening gloves after washing them?

Storing your gardening gloves after washing them is just as important as washing them. Storing your gloves isn’t as elaborate or grand as many people may think. It just needs to be at a place that you can easily access. Moreover, it should also be a safe and dry place.

how to wash gardening gloves: garden gloves in basket
  1. Attach them to a wooden wall – You can easily store your gloves by attaching the gloves to a wooden wall in your shed, garage, or store. To do that, you should get a wooden cloth clip and then clip your gardening gloves. Apply the glue generously to one side of the clip before pressing it onto the wooden surface. Once it is attached, your work is done. Now, you should be able to easily attach and reattach the gloves by simply clipping or unclipping the clip.
  2. Store them on a shelf – Another great way of storing your gardening gloves would be on a shelf. If you have a shelf in your house, you can store your gloves there and keep them dry and safe. However, you should ensure that the shelf is high enough so that kids cannot reach the gloves and misplace them. Moreover, ensure that the shelf is in a cool, dry place so that the gloves don’t get damaged.
  3. Shoeboxes and cartons – Cartons and shoeboxes would be an excellent way of storing gardening gloves. You can make use of a shoebox and store your gardening gloves inside until you’ve to use them. In case you have multiple gardening gloves, and you use different pairs for different reasons, store the gloves in big cartons by placing cardboard to separate them into different segments. This will work perfectly as you’ll be able to keep your gardening gloves neat and ensure that they don’t get misplaced.
  4. Store them in buckets – Another alternative would be to store your gardening gloves in buckets. However, you must ensure that the bucket is dry and stored in a place away from water. You should also put the bucket somewhere easily accessible, a place where you won’t forget it easily.
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Is it possible to put gardening gloves in the dryer after washing them?

No, it isn’t recommended that you should put your gardening gloves into a dryer after washing. It would be a great option if you just air dry the gloves. Cotton can easily shrink if it is placed in a dryer. Leather gardening gloves can easily crack, shrink, or get seriously damaged if they’re put in the dryer. For preventing damage and especially mildew, you should always place your gloves in a cool and dry place. This will keep the gloves in a good condition while also making them last longer.

Disinfect your gardening gloves for better use in the future 

You should make sure that you disinfect your gardening gloves before every use. Disinfecting is important as they would have come in contact with fungi and bacteria in the soil. The juice from dangerous plants like poison ivy could have found its way into your gloves. 

how to wash gardening gloves: holding soil with garden gloves

There are many ways you can easily disinfect your gardening gloves and make them safe for future use. Some of those methods are –

  • You can disinfect your gloves by pouring hydrogen peroxide into a spraying bottle. Then you should spray it in your gloves thoroughly. Not only will it disinfect your gardening gloves, but it’ll also remove any minute dirt or grime from them.
  • A great alternative would be to use rubbing alcohol. You can also spray rubbing alcohol onto your gardening gloves, and it’ll become disinfected properly.
  • Antibacterial soap will do wonders in disinfecting your gardening gloves. You can make use of an antibacterial soap for washing your gardening gloves. This will make your gloves clean while also disinfecting them.
  • Using hand sanitizer for disinfecting it. While you can use hand sanitizers for cleaning your hands, they also work well for disinfecting gardening gloves. You can spray hand sanitizer on your gardening gloves and successfully disinfect them.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know more than enough about how to wash gardening gloves, how to disinfect them, how to store them, and more. You must wash your gardening gloves immediately after you’re done gardening. This will prevent any stains or permanent damage. With a sturdy, comfortable pair of gardening gloves, you’ll feel far safer and confident when working in the garden. By washing them regularly, you can ensure that the gloves have a long lifespan. Moreover, you’ll be able to spot any rips, holes, or tears.

It is also important to ensure that your gloves are fitting you properly. By washing your gardening gloves in hot water, they might shrink and make you feel uncomfortable and restrictive. In case they’ve lost their shape, they’ll prevent you from getting a proper grip on gardening tools and plants.

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