How to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets: Spice up the look and feel of your kitchen

Do you feel that your kitchen is not bright enough to your liking? If so, then cherry cabinets might just be what you need.

Lightening up a kitchen with cherry cabinets is a guaranteed route to achieving your goals. These rich, luxurious cabinets will help you achieve a bright and modern look for your kitchen. You simply cannot go wrong with a cherry cabinet.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about cherry cabinets, how to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets, and a lot more. Continue reading to get all the answers.

Get a cherry cabinet to fix your kitchen woes

Cherry cabinets are rich and luxurious additions to your kitchen, as they serve as timeless additions to any household. With so many varieties and options to go for, you simply cannot go wrong with a classic cherry cabinet. Cherry cabinets have long been a staple in traditional and modern kitchen designs for years. This popular hardwood option is known for offering stunning color variations and a unique aging process.

As cherry cabinets have been a thing for many years, it is common to wonder if they may go out of style. The simple answer to that is no. Cherry cabinets are evergreen, and they’ll be a worthy long-term investment.

How to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets?

If you’re planning on a new kitchen set up, then cabinets must be picked. Kitchen color schemes incorporating cherry cabinets have become a popular choice in modern kitchen cabinetry. Interestingly, they’re a tradition that has been going on for over a century. The warm colors and rich appearance of the cabinets will make it an incredibly popular choice. The undertones of the cherry cabinets are normally red. However, they can also range from white to light yellow to dark brown. Cherry wood will be a fantastic staining wood as it is very smooth and satiny. When exposed to external elements, cherry wood tends to become richer and warmer. This is something that most homeowners love in their kitchen cabinetry. 

Cherry wood will have a nice, delicate texture, adding to the attractiveness of your kitchen cabinet. Cherry gives off a circular grain and an equal tone once it is stained. Moreover, it’ll be thick and durable. This will help the cabinet endure a long time while also withstanding daily use. 

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Different ways you can lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets

There are certain ways to lighten up the cherry cabinets in the kitchen. Here are some of the tried and tested methods.

Paint your cherry cabinets with light colors

The cabinets in a kitchen are often a dark, dismal color. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can consider painting the cabinets a lighter color, and it’ll instantly brighten up your kitchen area. Bright colors like yellow, blue, gray, or white will add brightness to your kitchen. 

When you’re looking to create a fresh, modern aesthetic, light blue and white are incredibly popular. There are several possibilities that you can go for. Painting the cherry cabinets a lighter color will instantly brighten up your room while giving the impression of more space.

While painting the entire kitchen cabinet might be a lengthy procedure, it is still a great option. Giving your kitchen a fresh look will go a long way. Moreover, painting isn’t something that you’re going to do regularly.

Modernize your cherry cabinet with new hardware and appliances

If you have a traditional cherry cabinet with old appliances, why not modernize it with new ones? A great way of fixing a dull kitchen would be to replace the appliances with new and modern appliances. Appliances will help you make a big statement as they’ll draw eyes away from the dull aspect of the kitchen. Moreover, the cabinet will appear more modern and new than it actually seemed previously.

how to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets - kitchen with cherry cabinets

Once you have the shiny new appliances, simply add some modern hardware. This will only help enhance the modern feel of your kitchen. With new hardware that matches your appliances, your kitchen and cherry cabinets will look brand new and appealing.

Use knobs and pulls with a lighter finish

Going for the right cabinet pulls and knobs will instantly change the style and aura of the kitchen. The hardware parts will come in a wide variety of finishes, styles, and colors to match the kitchen decor. You can make use of light-colored kitchen knobs and pull for brightening up the kitchen.

The more popular colors include white and silver. You need to choose a light finish for the cabinets as well. Some of the most popular finishes include satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, copper, polished brass, antique pewter, and polished chrome.

If that’s not enough for you, there are metal pull options as well, while ceramic pulls, glass, and wood pulls will also be available. Finding the right pulls and knobs will help make your kitchen and cherry cabinet more functional and appealing.

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Look for lighting opportunities that reflect light

Another great way of lightening up a kitchen cherry cabinet would be by maximizing the effectiveness of the light. Chrome finishes and metal trays will brighten and function well in a kitchen. Reflecting more light would be a great way of brightening up your kitchen. 

By increasing the reflective surfaces and metallic appliances, you’ll be able to reflect light. This will not only lighten up the room, but it’ll also give the kitchen a more open appearance. You can use mirrors for concealing the sink for better lighting. If windows are small, you could enhance the light by placing mirrors.

Install light-colored backsplash

Installing a light-colored backsplash behind the cherry cabinets will help you add light and flair to your kitchen. This will create a soft background while allowing the light from the ceiling to enter the kitchen and cherry cabinets. There are several light-colored backsplash options that match the color of kitchen cherry cabinets. You’ll need to find the best one that compliments the kitchen decor without overwhelming it. Then, you should install it behind the cherry cabinets to prevent the kitchen from feeling too dark.

Install white trim around the cherry cabinets

If you’re looking to brighten up the kitchen with cherry cabinets that feel light, use white trim. This way, you won’t be sacrificing the charm and warmth of natural wood, while not overpowering the room. Installing a white or light-colored trim around the cherry cabinets will be a great way of lightening up a kitchen.

This will not only offer cabinets a subtle background, but it’ll also help bring the light from the ceiling into the cabinets. There are many light-colored trim options that you can match with cherry cabinets. This is why you should choose one that perfectly complements the kitchen decor and doesn’t overwhelm it. Stains and varnishes can also be used for changing the color of the trim. However, these will be permanent measures and aren’t usually preferred.

Make use of lighter-colored countertops

Install lighter-colored countertops if you want to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets. If you don’t want the kitchen to look too white, then installing a lighter-colored countertop will be the perfect solution.

how to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets - modern kitchen design with cherry cabinets

A viable route would be to install a new, light-colored countertop over the original countertop. This will not only give a subtle background, but it’ll also make it easier to bring the light from the ceiling.

Hang white curtains over the cherry cabinets

Adding white curtains to cabinets will allow you to bring light and avoid the kitchen from darkening. You can do that if you have a big enough window facing west or sound. This way, you can let natural light in without fully opening the curtains. You can bring light into the kitchen by hanging white curtains over your cherry cabinets.

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Place a light-colored rug near the cherry cabinets

One of the easiest ways of lightening up a kitchen with cherry cabinets would be by placing a light-colored rug. This will not only give your cabinets a subtle background, but it’ll also help bring in light from the ceiling. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of light-colored rugs for matching the color of your cherry cabinets. You must find one that’ll work with the kitchen decor without actually overpowering it.

Add better lighting by using brighter bulbs

Installing a quality light fixture above your cherry cabinets will be a great way of making them feel brighter. When you cook in bright lights, you will feel comparatively lighter and less confined. Apart from providing brightness and better lighting, this option will also offer a better workspace for your kitchen. You’ll have to conduct a thorough search for kitchen lighting fixtures that match perfectly the hue of your cherry cabinets. If you cannot find a color that matches, you can simply look for fixtures in white or any light color. 

how to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets - light kitchen with cherry cabinets

A great tip to brighten your kitchen would be to increase lighting and replace the incandescent bulbs with brighter ones. Moreover, pendant and recessed lighting will also be great for extra fixtures. This is essentially the lighting beneath the kitchen cabinets. If you haven’t upgraded to LED lighting, doing this will help improve the brightness and eco-friendliness in the kitchen. Don’t underestimate the lighting, as upgrading or adding just a single light fixture can make a difference.

Make use of light-colored appliances

By adding light-colored kitchen appliances, you’ll be able to make the kitchen lighter without sacrificing warmth and charm. You should replace dark-colored appliances with light-colored ones, as it’ll help lighten the cherry cabinets.

This will not only give a delicate background for the cabinets, but it’ll also allow light into the kitchen. This will brighten up your kitchen and the cherry cabinet. You’ll find many light-colored appliances that will compliment your cherry cabinets. Pick out the ones that complement the kitchen and cherry cabinet without overpowering it.

Add plants and flowers to the cherry cabinet

Another simple approach for lightening up your kitchen would be to use plants and flowers. You’ll be able to use plants that match or contrast the color of your cherry cabinets. You can choose plants that will complement the cherry cabinet instead of other kitchen decor items. Some options you can go for include ZZ Plant, Philodendron, Spider Plant, Pothos, Aglaonema, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and Calathea.

You can either choose these or similar plant species for avoiding cabinets from becoming too gloomy or oppressive. Season the kitchen by putting floral plants behind the sink. Even if the weather is cold and gray, it’ll give you some greenery to look at and feel better.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about cherry cabinets and how to lighten up a kitchen with cherry cabinets. After reading the article, you would know that there are several ways to lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets. From utilizing more light to hanging white curtains to using light-colored appliances to painting the countertop, there are several ways. You need to find the best option that suits your kitchen and cherry cabinet without overwhelming it.

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