How to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher: Everything you need to know

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your kitchen sink by installing a garbage disposal and dishwasher? If so, then you should that it is possible, and you’ll find out how it’s possible here. 

Plumbing a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher is recommended, as it’ll help you save time and energy. You’ll be required to install a disposal pipe and connect the sink to the disposal to improve the efficiency.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about how to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher, why is it important, how much will it cost, and a lot more. Continue reading to get all the answers.

Plumbing a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher

Keeping your kitchen and dishwasher clean is essentially a full-time job. However, there are certain steps that you can take for making the entire process easier on yourself. The muddy water must be drained away so that it doesn’t leave anything behind that can clog up the sink. To help you with that, you’ll need a quality disposal system. 

A clogged dishwasher might cause an unhygienic flood in your kitchen. If that happens, you could have a major disaster. You’ll need to hire a professional plumber and get it fixed, which could cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. For avoiding such a situation, it is important to get rid of the old plumbing system. Instead, replace it with a kitchen sink with a disposal and dishwasher to get a more efficient sink drain system.

How to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher?

It is important to plumb a kitchen sink with a disposal and dishwasher. Most people prefer doing this with an air gap as it is the more traditional method. To plumb the new kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher, follow these simple steps.

Turn off the kitchen sink’s water source

Before starting, you should ensure that the water supply has been completely turned off. It would be best to protect the kitchen sink from cleaning out the clogged drain holes using a pipe snake.

Having an overflowing garbage disposal could result in costly damage, as repairing in homes across America is very costly. Moreover, before you start the process, wear protective gloves and safety glasses for protection. This will help you deal with any obstruction that might come up during the inspection.

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Make a hole

Create a hole by using pliers or a drill on the kitchen sink after turning off the kitchen’s water source. Once the stem is in place, you will want to ensure that there is enough space for the gas bubbles when lighting up later. For measuring the diameter, you’ll need to pinch your fingers tight and then twist until they’re pinched together. Now, release them such that they spring back into shape before creating the hole.

Install the air gap

Place the rubber washer on top of the newly installed air gap before passing it through the hole you’ve made. Place a rubber washer beneath this piece and ensure that they’re secure to make sure you have a watertight seal.

Make use of a wrench for fastening the compressor nut. Do not forget that you must hold the stem with one hand when fixing it. There should be no gap between your fingers on each side of this part and holding on to the sides even when tightening them down. This is done so that the airflow isn’t obstructed, or it might cause issues during reassembly.

After tightening the compression under the sink, you must attain it with a wrench. Hold on to the air step provided and then use pliers as needed such that everything is securely screwed together. Ensure that not only does the fastener have good threads, but there should be enough torque for water drainage purposes. There will be no leaks if you have enough robust sealant and gasket behind it.

how to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher - water leak

Install the disposal pipe

Your kitchen dishwasher is one of the appliances that many people often think too much about. However, all this thinking is important. It’ll help clean the dishes while cutting down on dirt from outside by sanitizing them automatically. The key to this appliance will be the disposal pipe which needs to be installed.

The disposal pipe is an important component of the dishwasher. Without the pipe, it wouldn’t be possible to wash the dishes properly and efficiently. Moreover, it’ll make doing all the chores more complicated than expected. 

Then, you’ll need to tighten up the clamps or nuts on top using an adjustable wrench such that there is no wiggle room when tightening them down. 

Connect the kitchen sink to the air gap

The distance between the sink outlet and other plumbing fixtures shouldn’t be more than 3 feet. If you have an air gap inlet, then ensure that it isn’t obstructing the space. Do this by measuring from one end to the other using tape, then cut adequate holes for the installation.

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Then, you can make use of a cutter to cut the disposal pipe into the appropriate size. After this, you should attach one end with the 2nd end of an air system. 

Add the dishwasher awe

Most of the dishwashers come with awe. However, if a connector tube between the sink is faulty or missing, then it could be an issue. It’ll be up to you to fix it.

If you wish to add some much-needed awe, simply measure its length and then cut the connecting pipe accordingly. As you’re estimating how much material should be used, it’ll fit together nicely without needing excess on either end. You must exclude any rims that don’t apply, as their size isn’t pertinent at this point.

Once everything is set up properly, ensure that there is enough open space between the sink or other plumbing fixtures. You must also assure orientation-wise that neither side faces down towards an active frame. This should be done primarily, but not solely, due to access/venting reasons. Now, connect the awe with nuts and washers for ensuring a watertight connection.

Add the awe to the drain pipe

Look for the other part of the drain pipe that’ll come from underneath, and then attach it using a wrench. Tighten up all the connections such that there are no leaks. You’ll find that there are two nuts on the site – one will be black, while the other will be white. You should remember which colored nut goes where when you’re tightening them. They will function differently depending on the shape and size of the nut.

how to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher - plumber fixing kitchen sink

Turn the water source back on again

Congratulations, you’ve done your bit in plumbing a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher. Turn on the water source to ensure that everything is working correctly. You will find that the disposal is running smoothly without any leaks. At the same time, the dishwasher will also work seamlessly without any hiccups or malfunctions.

How to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher without the air gap?

The process to install a disposal tube will be far easier without having to install the air gap. All the other steps will be the same. Although you might need some adjustment when installing it if the sink isn’t level or something isn’t lining up correctly.

The entire plumbing process can be simplified if you remove one extra component. The airtight pipe between the top inch disposal connection point and the dishwasher will hook up below the ground level. If this sounds like something you’ll require special tools for, then stick to the method that works best for you. You can work on plumbing by using the commonly available plumbing materials.

Your dishwasher will be thrilled to get the upgrade. Connect the sink, and you’ll be able to form a neat-looking loop. Put the needed nuts beneath for stability and then attach at one end with the other side facing up. You will now be able to enjoy clean dishes all day long without having to worry about your kitchen getting dirtied.

Why should you install a garbage disposal system in your kitchen?

A garbage disposal system under the sink is one of the staples in most traditional kitchens. If you don’t have one already, you need to know all the benefits that you can enjoy after installing one. Firstly, the garbage disposal will break up any remains of the food that might end up in the sink and the drain. This way, not only can you do the dishes more quickly, but you won’t need to deal with any clogging.

If you care about the environment, then this will be a great addition to your kitchen. If you break up food waste, and it let down the sink, it’ll be disposed of easily through the sewage. This will reduce the quantity of trash that will potentially end up in landfills.

Moreover, the more food that you can put in the garbage disposal, the less food you’ll be throwing out. In some areas, this can mean attracting fewer rats and rodents to your house. In certain areas, you won’t need to worry about wildlife going through your trash. Just the smell of food waste will be enough to attract them.

how to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher - plumber installing garbage disposal in kitchen sink

Another major benefit of having a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink will be that you won’t need to deal with the damage that big chunks of food waste deal to your plumbing. There will be fewer plumbing incidents that you have to worry about. Moreover, you will need to carry out fewer repair works.

What will be the cost of installing a garbage disposal?

Before you begin installing a kitchen sink with a disposal unit and a dishwasher, you’ll have to spend for a couple of things. Firstly, you’ll have to get a garbage disposal unit. Of course, the price will be drastically affected by the brand and model you’re going from. It might cost you anywhere starting from $100 to more than $250.

How to try to install it manually, you’ll save a lot of money. Professional plumbers will definitely do an outstanding job, but you’ll charge you a huge amount for installing the entire system. You shouldn’t worry, as installing and plumbing a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher is pretty straightforward. With a bit of skill and effort, there will be no reason why you cannot handle it on your own. If at any instance you find it too hard to do it yourself, do not hesitate in calling a professional. An expert will quickly complete this task while doing it safely and effectively.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know all there is to know about how to plumb a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher and why it must be added to your kitchen. Ensure that your kitchen sink doesn’t get clogged with food waste and have an efficient kitchen system. Get a kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher installed to improve your kitchen experience. No more flooding or muddy water in the kitchen thanks to this exquisite kitchen sink system.

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