How to make windows look bigger: Interior designing hacks you must know about

Do you feel that your windows are a bit on the smaller side, and you want to make them look bigger? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Making windows look bigger is all about using specific tricks to give a contract and the illusion that they’re bigger. There are many tricks like manipulating height, ditching the darker curtains, using mirrors, installing a wide curtain rod, and more that will make the windows look bigger.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about how to make windows look bigger. Continue reading and find the answers that you’re looking for.

Can you make your windows look bigger?

Nothing will draw attention to a room like big, beautifully dressed windows. But what if you feel that your windows are small? Is it possible to improve the proportions of your windows and make them look bigger? Lucky for you, the answer is yes.

Although large windows with expansive views are neat architectural features, not every house has them. Remodeling and making them physically bigger isn’t always possible because of budgetary and structural constraints. However, you can use a few interior design tricks to make the windows look bigger. They’re very creative and will help you manipulate the window size and dimensions to give your room a grander look. So without further ado, let’s begin knowing about the easy hacks on how to make windows look bigger.

How to make windows look bigger?

Ditch darker curtain colors and shades

In case you have a room having less-than-luxurious windows, you’ll have to maximize the natural light available. You should prefer to avoid dark curtain colors and darker shades, which potentially block out or absorbs light. It can make your windows appear smaller. Instead, you should install light-colored curtains, as it’ll give the illusion that your windows are bigger.

Manipulate the width and height of the window

There is no rule about hanging curtains 3-4 inches above the frame. You can create a floor-to-ceiling effect by simply installing long drapes below the junction where the ceiling meets the wall. You can even add a bit more width by using a longer curtain rod. Furthermore, you can then hang the drapes at each end. Both of these effects will trick your eyes. It’ll make it difficult for your brain to decipher where the windows are starting and ending.

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You can use this trick with blinds as well. You should look for blinds that are measuring 3-4 inches longer than the window on each side. This technique will be a great option for odd-sized windows. It will be even better if you want a material that cannot fit custom spaces, like woven blinds.

Add the embellishments to trim and moldings

Using decorative window moldings such as an entablature and side casing will help add gravity to smaller windows. In case Victorian isn’t your style, you should consider using a wide Craftsman molding on a flat, ranch-style casing. Both of them will offer a much more subtle and minimalist look that will allow your windows to pop. Moreover, it’ll also make them look bigger.

Install plantation shutters

Installing a new set of a tall, wooden interior shutters over a small opening will trick your eyes into thinking that there is more space. Moreover, it’ll make the windows look bigger. You can try out this trick for small windows where other methods aren’t working as a basement access window. Moreover, it’ll also work on small privacy windows in the washroom.

how to make windows look bigger - shutters

Play with different patterns

Horizontal stripes in clothing aren’t ideal if you want to appear slimmer and bigger. The same principle will apply to windows. If you want a window to seem taller and bigger, you should opt for long, vertically oriented patterns. This will drive your eyes upward and make the window seem bigger. If you want to make your windows look wider, go for horizontal patterns. This will give your windows an extra-wide and luxurious appearance.

Use the powers of mirrors 

One of the most significant disadvantages of tiny windows is that they could affect the lighting in your room. You can reflect the sunlight that you’re receiving by installing a large mirror under or across the window. The mirror reflecting the light will trick the eyes into thinking that there is more light. This creates a lighter and airier space as compared to normal circumstances.

Place your furniture wisely

A small, high window can appear even smaller without the proper furniture surrounding it. Placing a hallway table, a desk, or a bureau below the window will help the window’s dimensions. Moreover, it’ll also make the window look bigger than it actually is.

Paint the trim the same color as the walls

Contrasting the trim is normally a staple in most homes. With smaller windows, painted trim can easily shrink the appearance of your windows. Instead, you should choose a color that will match the walls. This will give the walls a much more fluid, integrated feel. Without multiple elements breaking up your space, the windows will seem bigger overall.

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Raise the curtain rods

In case you’re worried that your windows appear short and stubby, you can make them taller by raising the curtain rods. Raising the curtain rods above the top of the window will create the illusion that the windows are bigger. Screwing in the curtain rod around 2-3 inches from the ceiling molding will be ideal.

Choose the fabric of the curtain wisely

As unconventional as it might seem, the fabric of your curtain plays a role in how big the windows look. Skimpy curtains make any window design look small and unprofessional. Choosing a high-quality fabric made of thick and sturdy material makes the windows look bigger. This is the case as quality fabrics help in hiding the line between the wall and the window. In turn, this will help create the illusion that you have a larger space and the windows are bigger.

Install a wider curtain rod

If you want to know how to make windows look bigger, simply invest in a wider curtain rod. Extending the rod a little bit will make the much-needed difference when you want to make the window frame bigger. With that look, you will cover the wall around the window with curtains or drapes. The eyes of your guests will be tricked into thinking that the window is bigger.

Make your curtains the focal point

Bold curtains can often be the best thing that you can do for your small windowpane. Adding in quality window treatments like shutters, drapes, and blinds will give you the color and pop your room needs.

how to make windows look bigger - bedroom

Making shutters or curtains the focal point of attention will keep the attention away from the size of the window. Moreover, it’ll also trick the onlooker into thinking that the windows are bigger.

Go with Bamboo shades and hang them tall

Bamboos are good for your rooms in more ways than one. You will love the texture and warmth that bamboo shades bring to your room. You can find bamboo shades and cut them to the right width for your windows. This will make your window look bigger.

You need to first figure out if you require an inside mount or an outside mount for your windows. You can then hang it a couple of inches above the window trim. It’ll be a great trick to make the windows look bigger. No one will be able to tell that your windows don’t actually start until a few inches below the top of the shade.

Hang a sleek black rod a bit high

Another great method would be to install a sleek black curtain rod. Every room requires a bit of black in it, and you can easily add some black hardware to your window. You should ensure that you’re hanging the rod around 4-inches from the ceiling. This will allow you to maximize the height of your room. Most people tend to go above the window trim, but you shouldn’t make this mistake. Instead, you should go all the way up. When you have to figure out how wide you should go with the rod, it is recommended that you should go around 8-inches off the window frame on each side.

 Choose flowy drapes and then hang them wide

Lastly, you can also use white curtains to top off the look of your windows. Any white curtain white high-quality fabric and decent weight will help a lot. As the rod will be hung 8 inches outside the window frame, once the curtains are open, you will only be covering a portion of the wall. This will allow a lot of light to come through the windows once the curtains are open, making the room far brighter. Moreover, you will not be able to tell where the edge of the window starts. This will make your window seem bigger than it actually is.

Make your windows look wider using a drapery rod

Make a narrow window seem wider by opting for a drapery rod or curtain 60 to 80% wider than the window. You can easily hang the curtains or draperies across the entire space. You can even hang stationary panels on each side of the window. Each stationary panel needs to span from the rod’s end to the outer edge of the window glass. 

how to make windows look bigger - curtain

The eyes will assume that the extra fabric at each end is covering the window instead of the wall. For emphasizing the horizontal inclination of the draperies or curtains, you can top it off with a cornice board or valance.

Make your windows look taller by using cornice boards

Make the short windows seem taller by hanging floor-length curtains at or near the ceiling. Install the rod 2-inches below the ceiling molding. In case the gap between the rod and the top of the window is too big, fill in the space with cornice board, valance, or lambrequin installed over your draperies or curtains. With shades, you can install the tops below the curtain or drapery rods. Then you can avoid raising the bottom higher than the top edge of the window.

You can always go for cornice rods or lambrequins with shaped bottoms instead of straight ones. Lambrequins are cornice boards having a leg on each side. This will mean that you’re essentially framing the window on three sides.

Make the windows look wider and taller

For making small windows seem wider and taller, install a rod at or near the ceiling. You should hang a floor-length curtain from the rod, with the leading edges overlapping the outside edge of the window glass. You can top the panels with a cornice board, valence, or lambrequin for filling the extra space above the window. Furthermore, you can even add a woven or fabric shade for privacy in case the panels don’t draw open or close.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about how to make windows look bigger. You will have many options to help you get away with having small windows, as you can trick the eyes. Going for methods like manipulating the width and height, using darker shades, using a thicker fabric, raising curtain rods, and more, you’ll be able to make the windows look bigger.

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